Weetbix donation

Weetbix donation to VoorGroenbergskool in Wellington. We took hands with the Women Ministry of the Parow SDA church and donated Weetbix to a small school in Wellington where almost all the parents lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

Charl transporting Weetbix to George

Our volunteer, Charl Tait, offered to take Weetbix to George to one of our Meals on Wheels branches because they could not afford the petrol to collect the Weetbix.

Weetbix collection

Protea Old Age Home came to collect their donation of weetbix.

Weetbix shared HelpendeHandjies

A social worker from Wellington also started feeding kids in the area. We
donated some of our Weetbix to her to help her feed the children.

Weetbix shared – Parow West

Weetbix shared with Parow West School learners – Weetbix was handed out to Grade 1 – 3 learners from Parow West Primary School.

Parcel handouts

Parcel handouts to old age homes – Parcels was handed out to Jubeleam Old Age home where children lost their jobs during COVID-19 and could no longer look after their parents.


Elim Night Shelter received Weetbix from Tygerberg Meals on Wheels. The manager, Shafeek, said that they had never had Weetbix for breakfast.