Jerseys for those in need

Jerseys knitted by the public handed out to little ones in need.

Parcel to Hospital staff member

We received a call from a hospital staff member where she requested a food parcel for one of their staff where it was only the woman working in a house full of people. The lady on the receiving side was extremely overwhelmed by our generosity.

Serendipity Old Age Home

A nurse from Serendipity house was once a volunteer at Tygerberg Meals on Wheels. She contacted me and asked if we had a wheelchair to donate to them. Fortunately we received a wheelchair in a very good condition from a donor and we were happy to donate it to them.

Hillcrest Primary School

We donated 2 boxes of Weetbix for each learner at the school. They were so overwhelmed. All of them wrote letters to us. Some saying that their parents will only be paid after one month and that the Weetbix saved
their lives.

Water Warriors South Africa

We donated 2 vehicles full of Weetbix to them for the drought stricken areas in and around Wolwerivier where farmers and their workers are going through very tough times with the drought.