A thought of serving our lonely seniors on Christmas Day became a reality when I mentioned it to my family and friends. I phoned a few people to help me with the d├ęcor, preparing the meals, music and huge was the surprise when I got more than I planned for. Everyone wanted to join in on this occasion. Early the morning we started collecting the lonely seniors with our own transport. Volunteers could not wait to help. This year we served 35 very lonely seniors and they could each take 2 takeaways for the rest of the week. We had Heidi Brits and Danya van Niekerk who treated them with Christmas songs and they could sing along. They were so overwhelmed and we got so much feedback from not only the seniors, but people that heard about it and saw it on Facebook asked us if they could join us in 2020. It seems our work for 25 December 2020 is set out. Let go big or go home!! We want to thank our Heavenly Father for the privilege to serve where it is needed.