About us
The elders from the center walking in Philippi during a recent Aids awareness project.
A Brief History

On 21 January 1969 the Tygerberg Service Centre for the Aged and Meals on Wheels was established at 30 Weimar Street in Parow. Since 1994 the Service Centre extended its services to the broader community according to growing needs. Feeding Schemes were started and soup/bread, meals, food parcels, clothes, etc. were distributed to needy families and children.

After a proper assessment of the needs in the City of Tygerberg in 1996 the Mobile Clinic “Health on Wheels” was established. Primary Health Care services were high up on the priority list to determine the needs in the community. This licensed Mobile Clinic renders affordable essential health services to about 4362 patients in formerly disadvantaged communities.

A brief history
Making a difference
Making a difference

A destitute elderly lady with no income was found living in a room with no light or ventilation. She barely covers the rental with her sewing and has no money for toiletries etc. A very kind hearted lady sponsors two meals per week which meals on wheels deliver. With the off-cut materials she makes articles which Meals on Wheels can in turn share with those in need of such.

Assisting this dear soul would not be possible if it were not for generous hearts like YOU! On behalf of her, we thank you!

If you would like to donate, volunteer or assist in any way, please contact us.