Activities & Entertainment


This is an example of one of our daily meals.


One of our seniors, Mrs Thea Koch, turned 101. Mrs Watt and Mrs Louw visited her. All she could talk about was her friends at Tygerberg Service Centre and how much she misses the centre and the food. Unfortunately, because of her health, she cannot attend the centre anymore.


Jozua van Niekerk gave our seniors a talk on Snakes. He told them how to recognise some snakes, which ones are dangerous and how to handle a snake if it comes in your house in your way while going for a walk.


A special day outing was arranged with a big Atlas bus to take 52 of our members on a tour around town, with us reaching Waldorf’s in Hout Bay just in time for a delicious plate of fish and chips. The members walked around for a while to see if there is something to buy and to arrange for fish and chips to be taken home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A day well spent.


For our first outing of the new year we decided to take our seniors for a walk along the beach at Eden on the Bay. They also took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping at the Bayside Mall. It was a lovely day enjoyed by everyone.


Nursing sisters from ‘Touch Community’ visit Tygerberg Service Centre on a weekly basis to check the blood pressure and sugar levels of our seniors. We are so thankful for them and that they are committed to doing this service for us.


What a wonderful surprise when so many of our seniors participated in this event where they had to make a special sandwich which they had to share with their friends. Some made one sandwich, other baked their own bread and brought toppings, one of them even made a ‘meals on wheels’ van, wheels and all, to represent Meals on Wheels.


It was such a blessing to visit some of our members that moved to old age homes. They were so glad to see their old friends again and asked us to please come again soon.


Kevin Abbott, a well-known singer, entertained our seniors with some lovely songs that Frank Sinatra sang. The seniors loved singing along as they do not often get to hear songs from their era. It was such a wonderful experience and ‘Frank Sinatra’ needs to return to the Tygerberg Service Centre very soon.


This day is always a highlight for our seniors as this gives them the opportunity to sell their own handmade items to the public.


As a token of appreciation we held a donor lunch for our donors who supports us during the year and has done so for quite a few years. We thanked them from the bottom of our hearts and asked them to pray for us as we continue to do Gods work.


We had a very exciting morning where some of the seniors dressed up representing MOW. Whether they had a basket in their hand or a poster around their neck, they did a good job.


The ladies of Tygerberg Service Centre joined the ladies of the SDA church in Parow to knit scarves for a small farm school in Wellington. The enthusiasm under the ladies was absolutely contagious. The group grew from the first day that we started knitting. These scarves will be delivered by the ladies of the SDA church on Monday 15 July 2019. We are thankful that we could help where there is really a need.

Dr ST Potgieter

Dr Potgieter visited us to help our seniors understand how to handle criticism as we’ve noticed that it became a problem between our members. After the information session, doctor gave our seniors time for questions and some of the members also raised questions about problems they are experiencing at home. They thanked Dr Potgieter for the time and effort he’s put in talking to them and giving valuable information.

Alderman Dan Plato visits Tygerberg Service Centre

Mayor Dan Plato surprised the seniors of Tygerberg Meals on Wheels last week with his visit. Franchesca Walker, council member for ward 26, was also present. The elderly were excited to meet Plato personally. Plato briefly told the seniors what is planned for the City in the new financial year. Plato says the city needs to be kept clean and tidy, security in communities needs to be improved, health services needs improvement and he also spoke about HIV and child abuse. The morning’s program continued with the singing of the well-known tenor Pierre van der Westhuizen. The seniors enjoyed this very special morning and will not forget this visit very soon.

Valentines Programme

We had a lovely entertaining day where the seniors were given a WORD PUZZLE to find words of love in the shape of a heart. A tea time with delicious eats were given to them to make each of them feel special.

Information session with Dr Dale Cilliers

Dr Cilliers spoke to our seniors what to do when you suspect someone just had a stroke. The seniors were very glad that they had the opportunity to learn from a specialist in that area. Doctor Dale also allowed them to ask questions after the session.

Fruit Festival

Our yearly fruit festival is a highlight for our seniors. We packed baskets of fruit, juice and tea and went to the Jack Muller Park with our senior citizens. They enjoyed the lovely sunny weather and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of fruit they received. When it became home time, they were extra slow in their reactions. The morning was to short, they said.

First Club Day excitement

Our first day back at the club for 2019 was a very exciting day. All the seniors missed their friends and were so happy to see each other. They hugged and talked like they have not seen each other in years. To us it was a blessing to see the love and caring the seniors have for each other.

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