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Handbags to our lovely ladies – During the month of August we made little handbags from a material donation that we received. We filled it with necessities for women and handed it out to our Meals on Wheels ladies and some homeless ladies.

Material donated to Atlantis group – We received a big donation of material which we shared with many people and a group in Atlantis. They started a handwork group where they make bags to raise funds for security bars for their property.


Jerseys for those in need

Jerseys knitted by the public handed out to little ones in need.

Parcel to Hospital staff member

We received a call from a hospital staff member where she requested a food parcel for one of their staff where it was only the woman working in a house full of people. The lady on the receiving side was extremely overwhelmed by our generosity.

Serendipity Old Age Home

A nurse from Serendipity house was once a volunteer at Tygerberg Meals on Wheels. She contacted me and asked if we had a wheelchair to donate to them. Fortunately we received a wheelchair in a very good condition from a donor and we were happy to donate it to them.

Hillcrest Primary School

We donated 2 boxes of Weetbix for each learner at the school. They were so overwhelmed. All of them wrote letters to us. Some saying that their parents will only be paid after one month and that the Weetbix saved
their lives.

Water Warriors South Africa

We donated 2 vehicles full of Weetbix to them for the drought stricken areas in and around Wolwerivier where farmers and their workers are going through very tough times with the drought.


Weetbix donation

Weetbix donation to VoorGroenbergskool in Wellington. We took hands with the Women Ministry of the Parow SDA church and donated Weetbix to a small school in Wellington where almost all the parents lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

Charl transporting Weetbix to George

Our volunteer, Charl Tait, offered to take Weetbix to George to one of our Meals on Wheels branches because they could not afford the petrol to collect the Weetbix.

Weetbix collection

Protea Old Age Home came to collect their donation of weetbix.

Weetbix shared HelpendeHandjies

A social worker from Wellington also started feeding kids in the area. We
donated some of our Weetbix to her to help her feed the children.

Weetbix shared – Parow West

Weetbix shared with Parow West School learners – Weetbix was handed out to Grade 1 – 3 learners from Parow West Primary School.

Parcel handouts

Parcel handouts to old age homes – Parcels was handed out to Jubeleam Old Age home where children lost their jobs during COVID-19 and could no longer look after their parents.


Elim Night Shelter received Weetbix from Tygerberg Meals on Wheels. The manager, Shafeek, said that they had never had Weetbix for breakfast.


Every week Uitsig receives soup and bread from Tygerberg Meals on Wheels. Cllr Martlou and her volunteers dish up and hand out the soup, bread, Weetbix.

Ubie, one of our staff members started her own feeding project in Elsies River. She is already well known in her community because of the work she does there.


Meals on Wheels Western Cape received a big donation of Weetbix which was offloaded and donated to our beneficiaries and other NPO’s.


Donation from Rainbow Chicken for Mandela Week. Meals on Wheels South Africa received chicken from Rainbow Chicken to cook for Mandela Week. The areas where it was handed out were extremely thankful.


We received a big donation from Rainbow Chicken en made Chicken curry and rice which was given out at Bellville South, Bothasig CAN, Houtbaai (volunteer Melani), Uitsig, Leonsdale, Kuilsriver (Latifa – additional project), and additional project by Ubie one of our staff.


We donated some of the chicken to some of our volunteers who cooked curry chicken during Mandela week to feed more communities.


A young couple started feeding the homeless and underprivileged and asked us for soup and bread.


When we receive, we share. Clothing, vegetables and weetbix shared with other NPO’s.

R10 000.00 WINNER!

FRIEDA RABINOWITZ, one of our members, WIN PRODUCTS WORTH R10 000.00 FROM FAIR CAPE by phoning a radio station and nominating us as an NPO. It was handed out to our Meals on Wheels members who we feed on a weekly basis.


Various donations received for our outreach programs. We are thankful for volunteers going out of their way to collect non-perishable food for our food parcels that are handed out.


Fruit & cool drink donation from Dorkas. We were very thankful. It was handed out at our food projects.
Soup donation made by the Harley Davidson Free Chapter Cape Town. It was used in our soup projects to
under privileged areas.


Bread Donation from Tygerberg Seventh Day Adventist Church for our soup and bread projects. We are so blessed to have churches and youth involved in our projects.

If you would like to donate, volunteer or assist in any way, please contact us.