Activities & Entertainment


It was pouring with rain this morning but our seniors were adamant to go on this outing. They were pleasantly surprised the morning at Cherry on Top with all the wonderful eats and beautiful teacups. They enjoyed each other’s company as well as looking at all the beautiful goodies that were on sale.


Crafting day is always special at Tygerberg Service Centre as we try to make this special every time. Our class attendance for the day was Maureen Walters, Daphne Arendse, Hillary Figuera, Rina Pretorius and Dorothy Mohamed. We did a little bit of punching, stamping and learned how to create different flowers. All enjoyed the class tremendously.


This was a definite highlight in the month of July 2019. Everyone enjoyed this fun-filled day spend at Kenridge NG Church. The ladies have prepared an amazing spread of bread, rolls and soups of all kind. Each of us received a box full of goodies to take home and was surprised with the most wonderful music on violin as well as the most interesting stories by our host. Looking forward to the next time that we will be able to visit.


Parow SDA church ladies joined hands with our seniors and knitted the most beautiful scarfs which were handed over to Voor-Groenberg Primary School in Wellington on the 24th of July 2019. The children received this with great appreciation.


Boesman van Zyl, man of many faces. What an unforgettable day. This man is like a chameleon on a multi colored cloth. He sang songs and also told stories from his childhood. One moment you think you are in the Cape Flats and the next moment you are in parliament, the country side, school or you feel like you are part of a rugby team. What an experience. Not to be missed if he is performing in your area.


This morning it was extremely cold and rain was pouring down. Big was our surprise when we received phone calls from our seniors to remind us to pick them up. They did not want to stay at home like expected. We went for a delicious breakfast at Bakuba where the fireplaces were on so we did not have time to think about the cold weather outside.


A morning that started quite relaxed, ended with a bang. When we announced about the Bergie Day that was going to take place, no one really looked interested. As the morning progressed, there was a little uneasiness in the room because no-one was dressed up. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang and in came this ‘drunk bergie’ with a bottle in her hands… drinking continuously and trying to talk but her speech was not right. After a few minutes, the seniors recognised our secretary and they all had a good laugh. The other members that participated did a good job too. It was such a relaxing, fun filled morning that everyone asked to repeat this morning soon again.


A surprised drive was arranged by management for our seniors. They visited other Meals on Wheels centres and 1 of our feeding schemes where they were heartily welcomed and treated with breakfast and tea. A day well spent with their peers.


Councillor Clive Justice came to talk to our seniors on how to ‘save on waste’. He illustrated how other people make money from our waste. He brought with samples of wall clocks, ornaments and other toys made with things that we throw away. He told the seniors how to help with the ‘war on waste’. A very informative session that will never be forgotten.


Several firms joined hands with Tygerberg Meals on Wheels to supply over 13000 sandwiches which were distributed to our Bellville-South, Parow Park and Khayelitsha feeding schemes.
Tania Coetzee, Samantha Myburgh and Douglas Petersen from Ampath arrived at our office with their donation of sandwiches which was delivered at one of our beneficiaries, Parow Park. The people were very excited as they did not know about this beforehand.
Pep head office supplied their contribution to Bellville South as well as Khayelitsha feeding schemes.


On this club day we had a competition between all our seniors in groups of six trying to complete 1 puzzle of 60 pieces. This was a lot of fun, as they had to learn to work together. We used a photo taken on an outing earlier this year to make the puzzle. This was a wonderful way to keep their minds sharp and occupied for quite a while.


Several firms join hands with Tygerberg Meals on Wheels and regularly supply sandwiches which are then distributed at our 8 nutrition projects. Over the past month, more than 13,000 sandwiches were distributed at Bellville South, Parow Park and Khayelitsha made by PEP Head Office and Ampath staff. For many elderly people and children who receive it, it is their only food for the day and the gratitude for it touches one’s heart. The management of Tygerberg Meals on Wheels wants to thank all the companies, individuals and churches that invest their time and finances in our organization. So together we make a DIFFERENCE in our area and help fight poverty. WE SALUTE ALL OUR DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS !!!!!!!!!!


Sr Edwards from Touch Community visited the seniors to talk about high blood pressure. Many of our seniors are on medication for high blood pressure and it is a very big concern to us. She informed them of healthy eating, exercising and drinking their tablets on a daily basis and at the same time every day. She recommended that they try to stay calm under stressful circumstances. Although they all knew what she was talking about, the basic rules are not followed by most of them. It is always good to hear these things and to stay informed.


Our yearly Pick a Box was a huge success. All our seniors participated and they all won a prize. Some won more than one as we had a few extra and 3 big prizes too. We collected the amount of +-R11500 which we are very proud of. One of our seniors, Ms Ester Faure, collected the amount of R3600 on her own. We are extremely proud of them all for all their hard work.


Our Talent morning (T-morning) was such a surprise to management and the club members. What we all thought to be a very quiet morning, turned out to be very noisy and busy. The participants were, Tea girls, Tramps, Twins, Tity To (32), Teacher and Tea spoons. A few of our seniors showed off their talents and we were extremely surprised of the hidden talents at the Centre. This is a definite yes for next year.


This is an example of one of our daily meals.


One of our seniors, Mrs Thea Koch, turned 101. Mrs Watt and Mrs Louw visited her. All she could talk about was her friends at Tygerberg Service Centre and how much she misses the centre and the food. Unfortunately, because of her health, she cannot attend the centre anymore.


Jozua van Niekerk gave our seniors a talk on Snakes. He told them how to recognise some snakes, which ones are dangerous and how to handle a snake if it comes in your house in your way while going for a walk.


A special day outing was arranged with a big Atlas bus to take 52 of our members on a tour around town, with us reaching Waldorf’s in Hout Bay just in time for a delicious plate of fish and chips. The members walked around for a while to see if there is something to buy and to arrange for fish and chips to be taken home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A day well spent.


For our first outing of the new year we decided to take our seniors for a walk along the beach at Eden on the Bay. They also took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping at the Bayside Mall. It was a lovely day enjoyed by everyone.

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