Activities & Entertainment

Dr ST Potgieter

Dr Potgieter visited us to help our seniors understand how to handle criticism as we’ve noticed that it became a problem between our members. After the information session, doctor gave our seniors time for questions and some of the members also raised questions about problems they are experiencing at home. They thanked Dr Potgieter for the time and effort he’s put in talking to them and giving valuable information.

Alderman Dan Plato visits Tygerberg Service Centre

Mayor Dan Plato surprised the seniors of Tygerberg Meals on Wheels last week with his visit. Franchesca Walker, council member for ward 26, was also present. The elderly were excited to meet Plato personally. Plato briefly told the seniors what is planned for the City in the new financial year. Plato says the city needs to be kept clean and tidy, security in communities needs to be improved, health services needs improvement and he also spoke about HIV and child abuse. The morning’s program continued with the singing of the well-known tenor Pierre van der Westhuizen. The seniors enjoyed this very special morning and will not forget this visit very soon.

Valentines Programme

We had a lovely entertaining day where the seniors were given a WORD PUZZLE to find words of love in the shape of a heart. A tea time with delicious eats were given to them to make each of them feel special.

Information session with Dr Dale Cilliers

Dr Cilliers spoke to our seniors what to do when you suspect someone just had a stroke. The seniors were very glad that they had the opportunity to learn from a specialist in that area. Doctor Dale also allowed them to ask questions after the session.

Fruit Festival

Our yearly fruit festival is a highlight for our seniors. We packed baskets of fruit, juice and tea and went to the Jack Muller Park with our senior citizens. They enjoyed the lovely sunny weather and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of fruit they received. When it became home time, they were extra slow in their reactions. The morning was to short, they said.

First Club Day excitement

Our first day back at the club for 2019 was a very exciting day. All the seniors missed their friends and were so happy to see each other. They hugged and talked like they have not seen each other in years. To us it was a blessing to see the love and caring the seniors have for each other.

Eden on the Bay outing

After a long holiday and with our seniors not seeing each other for such a long time, we decided to take them for a walk along the beach which they thoroughly enjoyed and they even mentioned that they could not wait for the center to open again so that they can be treated like this. They missed their friends tremendously. After the walk some of them still had the energy to go shopping.

“Party Maker” – Mr Frikkie Joubert

Mr Frikkie Joubert also known as the “Party Maker” visited the Tygerberg Meals on Wheels to entertain our seniors by not only singing, but made them laugh like never before. He told jokes and interacted very well with our seniors. The seniors clearly enjoyed this cold winters morning that they will never forget.

Goodwill on a cold and wet winters day – Parow Park Xmas lunches

Tygerberg Meals on Wheels management, two youth groups and their parents handed out 350 Xmas lunches to the elderly and children at Parow Park. Although it was a very cold and wet day, the young people seemed to have enjoyed this act of love. Some of the meals were taken up to flats of the house-bound elderly. The food and sweet parcels were gratefully accepted and we thank our donors for their continued support as well as the youth who made this kindness possible.

Soup and bread morning – Kenridge group

The seniors were privileged to once again be invited for soup and bread by the ladies from the NG Kerk Kenridge. The amount of love, care and effort that went into this morning really made the day so special. The tables were beautifully set with bread, fruit and various different soups. The seniors were even surprised with a “to take home” present and entertained by Mr Frikkie Joubert with the singing of some very old favourite songs. This morning was very special and will be remembered for a very long time.

Malmesbury Quartet entertain seniors

The Malmesbury Advent Harmonaires quartet was invited by management to come and entertain our seniors. Their beautiful voices and uplifting religious songs made the presence of Jesus tangible in the hall. It was a blessed morning and the members went home with more inner peace and a deeper understanding of God’s love for them.

Information Session: MES – Homeless People

In order to answer so many questions the seniors have about street people knocking at their doors and laying around in their areas, management invited Mrs Anelle Erasmus from MES. She delivered a very informative talk about the various pitfalls and the role that MES plays in our society. MES = Mould, Empower, Serve are based on Christian principles. This organisation support and reach out with compassion, love and care to those living on the streets. They encourage and motivate through positive communication. Further they treat these people with respect and fairness irrespective of their religion, race, gender, age, cultural background. Many questions were asked which Mrs Erasmus answered positively. The solution to our problems is that it is important for individuals to support the ‘GIVING RESPONSIBLE” CAMPAIGN. Do not give out food, blankets or money on the streets – this creates a dependency cycle which becomes difficult to break. Rather support the MES vouchers system. A meal or shelter voucher purchased and handed to the person in need. The vouchers immediately puts the person in contact with MES. Once the person is at MES they can start offering professional services to the person in need. This is the only way a person can be assisted and start the long road to be made whole again. Different ways to assist MES is to donate food, blankets, toiletries and clothes which they distribute in a responsible manner to the needy. This was a very instructive morning to all the members who attend the session.

Visit from Khayelitsha Meals on Wheels seniors

The Tygerberg Service Centre for the Aged invited 65 seniors from the Khayelitsha Meals on Wheels Club for a games/social morning and a lunch afterwards. They thoroughly enjoyed the lucky draws, useful prizes and chair exercises with our seniors. They entertained us with their lovely singing and spontaneous inter-action. As their club is still in a growing stage, we can only wish that this experience and the joy they so clearly derived from this morning, will booster their efforts to new activities at their club. Management is hoping to network with them in future.

Pick a Box

This annual highlight event was again a roaring success. In between “spinning the wheel” the seniors were singing and doing chair exercises to the music. Nice tea/eats, lunch/pudding were served and each senior went home with a prize of groceries, gift vouchers or electrical appliances. Management is pleased with the record amount of R16 500,00 that was raised and in turn will be used to alleviate the plight of the disadvantaged.

Talk: Safety at home

Seniors from Tygerberg Service Centre for the Aged and Meals on Wheels had the pleasure of a talk by Mr Joshua van Niekerk on safety at home. From his vast experience, he pointed out precautions the elderly can take to protect themselves a little better. Things like being aware of what is going on around your house, opening doors and giving your ID numbers to strangers, locking outside doors and gates securely etc. The presentation was very interesting and time was allocated for questions.

Seniors enjoyed the entertainment by well known singer – Pierre v/d Westhuizen

The well known and talented singer, Pierre van der Westhuizen, entertained the seniors of the Tygerberg Meals on Wheels with his lovely outstanding voice and some uplifting and inspiring gospel songs. It was a blessed morning, truly enjoyed by all the seniors present. After his personal testimony he had in Russia, everybody left fortified and with their faith renewed.

Portuguese Folks Dancing

A group of Portuguese folk dancers visited the Tygerberg Meals on Wheels and performed various dances. The Portuguese Folk Dancers were founded in July 1958, so this year they are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Their outfits represent two regions of Portugal. One being the village of “Camacha” which is in the Island of Madeira. The other outfit is from “Viana do Castelo” which is a town in mainland Portugal. The entire group consists of approximately 35 members of which 5 are musicians and the remainder are dancers. The oldest member is 96 years old and the youngest is 4 years old. The seniors enjoyed their performances and learnt a lot about their country.

Volunteers ”THANK YOU” Breakfast

As a token of their appreciation, management invited Meals on Wheels drivers and hoppers as well as the daily/weekly collectors to a special sponsored breakfast at the Wimpy to thank them for a year’s worth of dedication and willingness. The hoppers and drivers deliver an immense service to the old and house-bound and are often the only contact they have with the outside world. Without the collectors, we will not be able to accrue the much needed funds to supply this very important service. These volunteers really enjoyed the outing to the Wimpy, being themselves spoiled for a change.


Staff from Sanlam Call Centre prepared and handed out 1 200 sandwiches to elderly, children and families at the Protea Sport and Recreation Centre in Bellville South. The staff seem to have enjoyed this act of love. The sandwiches were gratefully accepted by everyone and management thank the Sanlam staff for their support and care as part of Mandela’s Day and his legacy.

If you would like to donate, volunteer or assist in any way, please contact us.